17. Paint Ballon Darts (from the Princess Diaries)

Hello everyone! Today, we completed number seventeen, which was throw darts at balloons filled with paint. We’re pretty sure that everyone who has seen the Princess Diaries has always wanted to do this.


the paint


Rachel pinning the balloons onto the canvas.


Sara’s sister, Frankie throwing a dart


The Final Product

This was way harder than it looks. We had too many failed attempts. It would be best to show it.

Our vlog.

Happy Summer!

Rachel and Sara


2 thoughts on “17. Paint Ballon Darts (from the Princess Diaries)

  1. I was looking up videos of how to do balloon painting and your blog came up…I’ve been reading it for like 2 hours now, its so cute! and you inspired me and my friends to make breakfast at midnight tomorrow night 🙂 awesome blog!

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